Thursday, June 23, 2011

Off to the Sawdust Art Festival 2011

Tomorrow is opening day at the Sawdust Festival and John and I are anxiously awaiting it's opening.  I have many new pendants fabricated from sterling silver and copper and nugold (red brass) and a new bracelet line.  The opening night party at the Sawdust was pretty intense this year.  The fire department had to close the doors at one point as we were filled to capacity.  We actually made a number of sales this opening, so we are quite happy and encouraged.  Ours is a great neighborhood on the upper mesa of the festival grounds.  I will be sure to take lots of photos of my new pieces and add prices of them on this blog...once this crazy first week is over at the show, so please stay tuned.  Be sure to visit my brand new website,  Have a great summer everyone and welcome to my blog....Lisa

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