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Ruins-ca, aka Lisa and John Genesta, has been selling imported, authentic European and American antique and vintage textiles, fabrics and trims for 20 years from our tiny cottage in beautiful Laguna Beach, Ca.

We are into selling fragments of things. And we are also into color, as you can tell. We sell everything from antique appliques and trims from vestments to antique fabrics from Rouen, Provence, Lyon, and vintage shabby American barkcloth. Ruins-ca aims to please so be sure to check our shop every day as we constantly list new items. We also sell eclectic curios from time to time as well. You are bound to find something that you must have for your pillow, lampshade, quilting, doll clothing and other designs or for your own vanity or boudoir collection!

Ruins has been featured in many magazines in the past including Art & Antiques, Coast Magazine, Orange County Register, etc.. Our home and garden were both featured in the LA Times numerous times and will be featured in a book, soon to be released, about working artists homes.

We actually had 2 antique architectural shops in the past (hence our name, Ruins), one in Laguna Beach and the other in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, (Lisa broke her neck) we were forced to close our beloved shops.

So, we decided to sell something that Lisa had extensive knowledge of so we chose antique and vintage textiles. Lisa grew up in the shmatte business (rag business) in NYC as a child and it was alot easier for her to handle fabrics than 100 lb concrete urns. She spent many a day during her childhood playing with the antique and vintage fabric and buttons in the sample room at her father's NYC office on Broadway in Times Square. As a result, Lisa is able to distinquish most fabrics with just a touch of her hand. Lisa attended college and received a Associates Degree for Fashion Merchandising and Marketing in Boston before moving on and receiving a BA in English Literature while John has always been a collector of fine textiles, mainly antique tribal rugs and ethnic textiles.

We are so glad that you have found us on the Web and we will make every effort to ensure that we have a professional and stress-free relationship from the beginning of the purchase process to the end. We appreciate your interest and business and look forward to making you life-long customers and friends.

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